carpet and vinyl before trim..........

or after trim? Also…can anyone give their opinion on vinyl versus creamic tile? I’m going to tile the bathrooms and kitchen and front landing with either of them. My sub-contractor (my best friend) says go with ceramic. My brother (works new construction) says go with vinyl. Is it just a matter of preference here or is one person right and the other is wrong.


normally, you want the vinyl or the tile under the baseboards and then add the shoe if you’re using one…carpet can butt up against the baseboard or go under - I’ve seen about 50/50…


Vinyl is going to be cheaper and less time consuming. Vinyl usually looks good and nice, but personally if there are two houses about the same, i am going to buy the one with tile as would alot of people.

Refer to my post in “Carpet vs laminate for Rentals”
awesome flooring,…but it was actually the slab