Carlton Sheets

Is Carlton Sheets course any good? Did anyone here ever use it?


Never used it Don’t know!

I checked the course out from the library. I learned alot from it. He has alot of good information. Some of the info will probably go over your head. I believe anyone starting out can learn some good info from his products. Check the library first, though. Also, you have a better source for education on this site. Here you can ask any question without fear of being belittled for asking a beginners question, and you can do follow-up as well. You can’t get that from Carelton Sheets without paying for it, lol…Hoped that helped alittle,Much success to you,YOU CAN DO IT…

Our advice to you is save your money, and invest it properly DO NOT give it away to Carlton or any other “guru” for coaching.

It is all a line of BS, marketing that is all that it is.

If you are new to real estate investing DO NOT listen to all the marketing BS, they all make it sound so easy well it is NOT easy, and laws differ from State to State, not everyone can do it, it takes many hours of hard word and dedication plus having the right connections to make it in this business cut and dry.

You will either have it in you to be a real estate investor or you will not plain and simple.

You will learn more by paying your dues doing research on your own for FREE, join your local REIgroup, buy 5 to 10 real estate investing books for 15 to 20 bucks each.

Take your time and NEVER rush into anything, you will get all the connections you need to invest in real estate from your local REIgroup for FREE.