Carlton Sheets vs. Ron LeGrand?

Hi Everyone,
I just recently signed up for personal coaching with Carlton Sheets. My personal coach actually sent me to this site.
I had signed up for the teleseminar last night with Ron LeGrand. After listening for over an hour, I found out it was another coaching course done in a 5 day period, much faster than Carlton Sheets coaching course.
The price was a little higher than what I paid for the Sheets course.
Ron LeGrand had a lot of interesting ideas for investing but I wonder will I learn the same general investment knowledge from Carlton Sheets? Is it wise to invest money in yet another coaching couse to gain knowledge?
Donna Mercer


If I may be blunt…if you need multiple coaches to understand this very simple business, you are NOT going to make it! Don’t throw your money away on coaching, expensive seminars, and bootcamps. If you’ve already signed up for the Carleton Sheets coaching, work hard to learn all you can from that. Then, JOIN YOUR LOCAL REIA and make friends with the SUCCESSFUL investors in your local area. Your new friends will be happy to help you.

Good Luck,


you can learn by making mistakes, or you can learn from other people’s mistakes.

I like Legrand myself, but he is a high level guy. He will help you understand different aspects of the business, and will motivate you but you need to have it in you to succeed and figure out how to apply it locally.

Carlton Sheets gives you an overview of various ways to structure deals, but keep in mind his course is old so ignore the assuming loans talk if you get it.

Get them from ebay for fraction of the price.

No course will answer all your questions or really show you how to do it. It takes hands on experience, courses gives you options and teach you different exit strategies.

It is up to you to make a business plan and follow through.

Or you could send me $2500 and I can tell you how to prosper in this business. :beer

That qualifies as learning from other people’s mistakes :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree.

I don’t think it is necessary to spend a boatload of money on retail courses etc etc right off the bat.

Preserve your funds and buy things off ebay and make it an effort to learn as much as possible from FREE INFORMATION at your REIA / Internet Forums.

It’s not that these courses are “bad”.

You can learn something from every single real estate investor.

The “bad” thing is many beginners end up buying too many expensive courses and not doing anything with them.

Once again I’ll urge all of you to attend MY new boot camp!

I call it…

“The get off your couch and out on the street before I put my boot in your *ss boot camp.”

Still working on the name.

First 20 to sign up get the low, low early bird special of ONLY…





Do you take Paypal?

[b][/b]Ok Guys,
VERY FUNNY! :rolleyes
Are you all done making fun?
I thought this site might help me gain knowledge and make some friends.
I guess you wise investors didn’t make any mistakes along the way to justify making fun of others. :bs

Hey Donna. Yeah, sometimes people get a little sarcastic on here. I think what everybody is trying to say is that alot of the courses are good for beginners, just don’t put a ton of money into them. I would have to say that 90% of what I learned is through experience, which is why petemfa is introducing his “Get off your booty” bootcamp, go gain some experience! I have heard of alot of people getting caught up in bootcamps and guru real estate programs. There’s a ton of free knowledge here on this website, and like I said, the best knowledge comes from doing something. Hope we didn’t hurt your feelings too much!! :beer

You may also want to read the thread concerning motivational quotes under the title, “Your Success Quote of the Day! 1 2 … 18 19”. There are some real gems of wisdom there, if you are looking for motivation.

The point the other investors were making was that you don’t need to attend those seminars and pay good money for them when you can get the same type of education for a lot less. Heed their advice.

I think Carlton Sheets has made a lot more money marketing his seminars than he’s made in real estate. One estimate was over $2 billion. No need for you to add to it.

You could get a pretty intense education about the business from reading $200-$300 worth of books you can buy at any website. After reading about 10-20 titles, you’ll realize that most of them say the same thing although you’ll read about interesting angles every once in a while.

I thought this site might help me gain knowledge and make some friends. I guess you wise investors didn't make any mistakes along the way to justify making fun of others.


You’ve already learned a lot. You’ve learned not to fall for the guru hype and spend a lot of money on bootcamps, seminars, and courses. You’ve learned that you can get the same or better information for a fraction of the cost by reading books and reading this forum which contains REAL investors – not professional speakers and salesmen. You’ve learned that real investors (your new friends here) have a sense of humor. And finally, I’d like to throw one more thing out. You MUST develop a thicker skin if you’re going to be in this business. If you can’t deal with a little kidding here, how will you deal with a nightmare tenant or terrible contractor?

Hang in there. There is a LOT to learn and you can learn a lot of it on this website for free. Despite the kidding, we’re glad you’re here!



If you read any of my past posts you’ll see real quick that I’m a buster.
I came up through the construction trades, owned 5 of my own businesses, and all along the way invested in real estate, I’m close to finishing up a great career as a Firefighter and believe me, THAT profession has THE greatest concentration of b*ll breakers on this planet. The point is, go with the flow. Property manager hit it on the head. I responded to your question because I CONSTANTLY read about people who spend THOUSANDS of dollars on these courses when EVERYTHING you need or could want to know is on this site. Type it in and we will help you.

Here’s my friendly advice. Get out there and start looking at homes in the low price range for the decent areas near you. Stay out of combat zones. Decent affordable housing ALWAYS sells. Develope a feel for those prices, then start making offers, LOW offers. You might make 10 or 100 offers who knows? But they should be low enough that if accepted YOU HAVE TO BUY IT! If you actually do this, you’ll see the same thing happen over and over, THAT’S LEARNING!! Not reading some course that gives you broad ideas. And remember… We’re all here to cheer you on and help you get this going!! Be patient, your “doing your time on the cross” as my grandfather used to say. The pay off will come IF you have that patience, and actually GET OUT THERE.

I’ve been lucky, my son’s 7 years old and already has a house that will eventually pay for his college AND get him a good start. IF HE WORKS FOR IT!! I live in a beautiful house on a lake, people who come here can’t believe the way we live. I have 3 self storage warehouses, that are cash cows and EVERY single piece of it came from doing EXACTLY what I just told you to do!!! It all started with one single familly house, then another, and another. The thing I did right??? NEVER TOUCHED THOSE PROFITS!!! Just let 'em build. It’s amazing what banks will do for you when you have a pile of money in THEIR bank. You CAN do this, the question is WILL YOU???

Go get 'em!!!

I’d like to chime in with a “Thanks” to you all. I was discussing with my wife last night about the LeGrand teleseminar and his courses. With a bit of trepidation I was considering plunking down the cash. You’ve all helped me decide to joing my local REI Club ($150 vs $5K seems like a deal) and work on getting going. I know I’ve been dancing with analysis paralysis!

See ya soon on the deal boards!

Quick advise - join a local REIA. You will have access to other investors, mentors, contractors, loan officers, etc, plus their all local. Pick up books from your local Barnes and Noble and you should be OK. last, read the articles on this site. Once you gain some knowledge in real estate then if your serious invest in one of those RE courses. Please dont fall for the guru hype, 99% of those guys are just trying to make a sale.

I bought Rons cash flow system and it has a lot of info. I agree with ebay comment and local REIA. Ron really does seem to know a lot but is very expensive and still a salesman like the rest. He does offer a lot of free info which is worth looking into. Read multiple books and put his on your list.