Carlton Sheets Topic....

This is just a general question, but I’ve been on a few of the REI sites and many of them have a forum just for Carlton Sheets/Beginners… I guess I’m just wondering why Carlton Sheets has been singled out as an individual to dedicate an entire forum to? Please don’t beat me up with the answers, I’ve just been wondering why he’s singled out. Is he affiliated with the sites in some way? Are his materials “the best” as far as building up your arsenal? What is it?


Carleton Sheets has been a real estate guru for many years and is probably responsible for getting more successful real estate investors started than anyone else. That’s why a lot of website forums include him.


he’s like a household name. and it’s a win win for him because this is free advertising for him, either way. good or bad.

Thanks. Just wondering.


Also, its a good thing to have on the site when people Google his name they end up here and it ups the traffic for this site. You’ll also notice that his name is spelled incorrectly on this forum as most people misspell his name and it will probably draw more people in than if it was spelled correctly. The correct spelling if you were wondering is: Carleton Sheets

I guess that shows how much I know. I always thought it was Carlton. I’ve never actually looked into his material. Thanks for the tidbit.

Don’t feel bad, I did too.