Carlotn Sheet!!!


I want to know if carlton sheet courses are good. Becuase i want to buy them.

Thens for all

I’ve heard different opinions on here about the Sheet’s program, but then of course you have that with everything…opinions are like you know what!! I enjoyed his course and actually found it cheap on ebay because I was skeptical when I first saw him on TV so didnt want to spend a whole lot of money just to try it out. His real estate forms portfolio covers almost everything you need regardless of the deal you are trying to do, and his computer toolkit cd is excellent also. I think he still has the 30 day trial for 9.95 so it would be worth it just to give it a shot. I spend 10 bucks on less than 5 gallons of gas these days, so its well worth it if its gonna teach you something that is going to make you lots of money down the road. Just my opinion though. Good luck!! :wink:

i’ve purchased the sheets program and I have purchased programs that cost thousands more. I don’t even remember the names of those ofther programs because whenever i run into a problem I end up finding the answer or something pretty close in the Sheets program. The Sheets program has just worked for me over and over and over again. Sheets says buy everything you can get your hands on. But all the other stuff I purchased just wasn’t as thorough. It a tough situation, where people are throwing creative terms out on the table and using different methods, Sheets program stood up.

Look at this website

I have also heard mixed reviews on the sheets course however, a family member bought it without due diligence and said it was worthless.


i have the course. it worthless.

hey, don’t knock simple people!

i wrote a REALLY bad review for a book on amazon and offered to sell it at 65% of what i bought. someone bought it within 6 hrs of my listing it!!!
here’s the review.
Reviewer: Nirav Desai “niravmd” (san diego, CA United States) - See all my reviews
i’m pretty amazed by the number of 5 star ratings.

its a small book. about 75 pages of material including a lot of irrelevant pictures of houses and not a single graph.

the author does provide a lot of info on where and how to invest in real estate. but its very generic information and is basically summarized. i was expecting the answer to the title of the book, which i didnt get. [to be fair, i spent $550 to get that question answered]

he doesn’t even mention everywhere he’s bought, just randomly some parts of florida and minnesota.

he explained the 5th migration of investing in about one and a half pages. could definitely have provided more insight into it.

i think the book(pamphlet really) should be renamed to “how to invest in real estate: a primer” or going by techie book trends “the 10 minute guide to investing in real estate”.

you get the idea that the author knows his stuff but you feel he’s hiding the real meaty stuff.

The Sheets course is a good course if you use it. I prefer Bronchicks Alternative Financing course.

You should be able to pick the Sheets course up very reasonably on Ebay.

Lonster :wink:

The Sheets course has its place…it has a lot of good basic information if you are totally new to REI.

Maybe it work for some people and some states. I tried the 30 day trial of the NO MONEY DOWN but it’s not gonna work in California. He is talking about buying houses for $100K, the median house in San Fernando Valley in SO. CAL is $500K already. They don’t even have enough inventory to sell. Maybe in other state is will work, but if you are in CA, I don’t think it will work… but hey that is just my idea… :slight_smile:

Maybe when the market calms down Carlton Sheets program will work, I am also new to REI, I bought my house 11 years ago. When the Real Estate market is down. As I said it might work for some people but not for me. I am not saying its worthless because I only paid $10 for the 30 day trial.

In an over-priced, over-heated market, there are a lot of things that aren’t going to work…

Until recently, I lived in the Washington, DC area…we listed our townhouse for $435K. Our realtor had an open house on Saturday and told people that their offers were due by 5:00 PM on Tuesday. We received 8 full price offers, 6 of them with escalation clauses. We got $453K ($18K over list) and the selected buyer wanted no homeowner inspection and was fully prequalified.

Would I have listened to an zero-down, 70% investor offer? Probably not – so it goes in some markets.

Here in Louisiana, if I worked at it, Sheets’ stuff would work. Just in the immediate area, there are 479 properties listed at $100K or less – it is also not dog-eat-dog here.

Do what I did…move!


I also have the carleton sheets program, and I gained a wealth of knowledge because I was totally clueless about what real estate investing was about. So for a total beginner, I dont think the carleton sheets program should be labeled as “worthless”. I just started posting here a month ago, and from my first post until now, I was able to know the basics of what people here were talking about. Also, we are talking about “beginning” investors, so the info you might consider worthless may be invaluable to someone else. Maybe you have been in real estate for years while others knew absolutely nothing.
Also, you bash it because “a relative” said it was bad??
Do you offer any alternatives?
I think you can easily discourage if you dont givie some type of alternative.

Carlton does mention plenty of properties he’s bought for dollars that sound way less than today’s market, I’ll have to agree.

Although today the numbers are different, personnally I think the fundamentals are still the same.

I have the program and wasn’t dissapointed, I think everything in life will work if you put the will and effort into it, perseverance, perseverance.