Carleton Sheets

Can anyone give me their opinions on Carleton Sheets? I’m thinking about buying his RE program…Thanks!

I believe Carlton Sheets has been covered ad nauseum here, if you do a search on it, you’ll find anecdotes, opinions, ways to get his programs cheaper, and on and on…

Save your money.

If you know “squat” about basic REI, then Sheets is OK. Do NOT pay retail for the course if you decide to buy it…get it off of e-Bay.

He gives some decent ideas and some examples but a lot of his ideas will only work under certain conditions…REI is not ‘one-size-fits-all’ so there will need to be trial and error on your part ‘noodling’ through what will realistically work and what will not.


For the $12 I spent for a 12 disk audio CD set I think I did ok. I wouldn’t pay hundreds for it, most of the info is out of date or just not workable in reality.

I think the Carleton Sheets course is a very good basic education in real estate investing. When I was first starting, I bought it from the Carleton Sheets website and paid full price. It included all the various bonus videos, which I thought were excellent. I think it was money well spent and I always recommend it to newbies.


I bought it a couple of years before I started investing. If you need help falling asleep then I recommend buying his tapes. Personally I couldn’t stay awake listening to him.