Carleton Sheets

I was listening to Dan Kennedy’s CD the other day, where he mentioned that Carleton Sheets spends $2 mil. a month for advertising. Curious to know how many people you have to sugn up to be able to pay that much for the advertising ::slight_smile:

I read somewhere - don’t quote me - that about 150,000 of his courses are sold every year.

I bought his course, count me in.


Yeah, you bought it so did I and so do aloooooot of people. I bought it quite some time ago to check it out. I have always been a wholesaler but I wanted to see what he had to say about investing.

How did you find the course?

I’d guess half of his sales are TV ad driven, the other half word of mouth.


I think that the Carleton Sheets course is an EXCELLENT basic course. Very thorough and covers everything you need to know to start investing.


I bought it cheap, still in the original packages off of e-Bay…


count me in too… it was my first course and at the time I thought I was crazy for spending 200 on a course :smiley:

One thing it helped me with is realize that I had so many options in buying properties, but no I did not rely on it for education. I think of his course as a quick glossary or a quick overview of some creative financing concepts.

I bought mine from eBay also.

Of course he can spend $2 million per year on advertising if it’s bringing in $6 millionin revenue.