I was wondering if anybody out there has purchased Carleton Sheets Real Estate software, “The Real Estate Toolkit”? Is it worth the $75.00 price tag? Does it help organize property ? Does it have the forms that are included in his course? Can the forms be filled right from the computer? I’m thinking of purchasing it. Please give some input. :-\

I was just checking out the site, and the software sounds interesting. It seems like a reasonable price, as it would save time spent manually calculating the information (assuming it efficiently does what it says it does).

Does anybody have any screenshots of this software?

Hi DilutedImage,

The software can be found on Mr Sheets web site. Click other products, than click Real Estate Tool Kit. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s where I was looking, but I haven’t seen any images of what the actual software looks like, or showing how the processed data is display. I saw only images of the disc and packaging. Did I miss something?

The software contains all the forms they have on the Real Estate Portfolio Forms. You can just print it in word format.

Hope it helps!

Can the forms be edited or can you fill in information right into the blank spaces on the forms before they are printed? ???

Can the cash flow analisis form compute information just by filling in the blanks?

Sell it to me. :-\

I havent got a chance to play with it yet. I am new to REI too and I am reading as much as I can, listening to audio books until the market calms down. I am in So California and the house prices in my area are so expensive, the cheapest is probably 1/2 a million. So I am just getting all knowledge and hoping that once the interest goes up then a lot of people will sell their houses or file foreclosure. :slight_smile: I will try to take a look at it this weekend and I will let you know.

I purchased the crse 7 years ago and used it to get several foreclosures. I used the forms for all my rentals … I recently purchased the CD you mentioned and found it worth the money.Norm F. SJC

Thank you for the input; I just might have to check that software out.

Thansks everybody for the input. I’m sold. I think I’ll purcase it this week. 8)

you made a wise choice! :smiley:

I have the course and have been reading it for a whole year! I stop and go back to selling notes and doing loans, but carlton has gotten me closer to real estate then any other person.

What really made me feel awesome about what he talks about is… the videos. They are exciting, I can’t stop watching them.

Yes, the forms do come together, and yes, their are very detailed and efficient as well…

But don’t forget to ever watch the videos, they are the best investment there. You feel as if you are already purchasing, just by watching him teach the class.

I am glad your sold and so am I just three short years ago.

Thanks lots,
:smiley: one happy seasoned investor!

ps. my mother bought the course four yrs ago, used it to buy property we now live in in florida! We left the cold of New York! And Now I have been reading it for three yrs. He tells you to read it over and over, this month I will be purchasing the CDS as well.
With a new computer!

Nice present to go with it! :smiley:


Thanks seasonedinvestor, I have the course also.

I’ve had it for four years. I have not purchased my first property yet, but it is not for a lack of trying. Carlton says for every 25 phone calls you make, you will probably inspect 4 or 5, and make an offer on 2 or 3, and maybe buy 1.

So far I’v only made phone calls. I also have the video version as well as the CD’s. Their is more information on the videos than on the CDs.

I want to purchase the software ToolKit and I wanted to know if it was worth it. The information that I have compiled from sellers I wanted to know if I could input the information on the forms and save it right into my computer.

Do you have the software ToolKit? If so tell me about it. ???

??? I want the same question answered myself,

Actually I have one form up on my website. I want the software online for the very same thing. I think on tv it looked that way.

hey, I got an idea :smiley: Call their 800 # and ask the customer service rep, maybe she’ll know, then come
back and tell us who want to know too… :smiley:

;):: I bet she says yes…

its looks that way cause I seen it on television, some
guy typing on it. Doing biz via the web! :o

So call, and let us know, I miss my tapes, need to watch some today.

talk to you guys later! :smiley:

Thank you,
sookie (seasonedinvestor)