Carleton Sheets Letter

Did anyone else get a letter yesterday from Carleton Sheets saying you are one of his successful students. They are asking me to send in video or photos of me, my wife, kids, partners etc and all my properties. They also want copies of checks, check stubs, contracts etc.

They say this is how they will decide if I am eligible to meet Carleton in person and be in his next promotional materials.

Very funny…

Nope but I do have bids in on a number of his products on Ebay…

Oh yea I forgot if you send in the requested info, they will send you “free of charge” Carleton’s newest series, “Confidential Conversations” consisting of 8 audios, detailing conversations between Carleton and some of his most successful students.

Don’t empty your checking account on that course with Brooke Burke.

Yeah, not looking to spend a lot of money on his courses. There are tons on there, most for under $20. I’m just waiting til one actually closes with me as the winning bid, got sniped on a few that closed before I could bid again when I was busy doing something else or not near a computer. If I don’t win soon its not a huge issue, I have 3 books at home to read before I can get to his stuff. I just got Flip, Millionaire Realestate Investor, and The No-Nonsense Real Estate Investor’s Kit: How You Can Double Your Income By Investing in Real Estate on a Part-Time Basis from Amazon.

The main reason for the post is I am curious who else got the letter. How would they know if I am successful or not? They call me once a month and ask questions but I never told them anything in detail…

Maybe they sent it to all people that bought the product?


Sounds like you are busy reading :P. I usually get bored after 100 pages.

I’ve only read a little of the first one, just been busy lately. Put out a bunch of ads on Craigslist for CT and western MA, had a few sellers respond and a ton of buyers so I’ve been busier trying to do REI than reading about REI. I do need to tackle them soon though.

Nope…but I did get a note from a fellow in Ghana…been there/done that…and I thought Louisiana was hot!