Carleton Sheets alternatives?


I have been lurking on the boards for a while, reading and trying to understand as much as I can. I keep seeing the ‘Carleton Sheets’ program getting recommended over and over again for those starting out in REI however looking for them on eBay (for example here) it seems that they are Audio Tapes or even in VHS format.

My quandry is the fact that I am hard of hearing and cannot hear enough of recorded speech which means I need to find some other alternatives. So what other materials (preferably books) would people recommend for the beginner.

Thank you.

myles, I bought the Carleton Sheets program on ebay for $40. They have more. It contains DVD’s, Books that correspond with the DVD’s and CD’s that correspond with the books. If you’re hard of hearing, you can get a portable DVD/CD player and plug in earphones. You can turn it up as loud as you need to without disturbing anyone. Here are some other books that are helpful.

  1. "One minute to Real Estate Riches"by Michael Rossi (aka Propertymanager).

  2. The Millionare Real Estate Investor" by Gary Keller.

  3. " The ABC’s of Real Estate Investing" by Ken MKelroy.

Good Luck.

Check out the freebies on this home page, they’re FREE.
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Thanks for the reply, unfortunately you don’t understand the nature of the disability and simply making things louder does not help. Deafness is not like an eye condition where you can wear spectacles that restore your vision to close to perfect.

Anyhow this is not the place to debate such matters!

I thank you for the book suggestions which will be much more accessible for me. I already have Rossi’s one (Hi Mike!) and so shall check out 2 and 3.

Thank you once again.


Glad to meet you.

Although my hearing is OK, except when I don’t want to hear something then it gets bad, however there is a program I use called Dragon Naturally Speaking that will transcribe recordings into text.

I have used this program for that purpose for various projects and it works very well, along with being able to dictate into word, notepad, etc. and it types as I speak.

Just a thought that might help in this situation.

John $Cash$ Locke

what about closed captions from the vhs or dvd ???

Hi John!

Wow,do you think that the voice recognition is at that quality now? Last time I used them, you had to “train” the software for a few hours just to it got used to the speaking voice and wouldn’t make mistakes.

I’ll give it a go and see if technology has come to fruition. Or maybe I shouldn’t otherwise I’ll just wish my phone could run the software so I could have it for real time conversations, lol!

I’m assuming the production of the video is lower budget/indie ? These kind of things rarely have captions because they never put any money aside to have it done.

If anyone has the DVD, could they confirm if it has any Closed Captions? Would be great if they did it for once!


I understand exactly what you are saying, I used this program for years and watched the improvements on every upgrade they made.

They have come a long way with voice recognition. I believe they give you a free trial, so give it a try, then you will have an option on whether the investment is worth doing.

John $Cash$ Locke

i have them somewhere, ill try and find them tomorrow and let you when i do if they got closed captions. or you could ask someone selling them on ebay they’ll be able to tell you quickly.

myles, In your original post you said you were hard of hearing. You didn’t say it was to the point of being a disabilty. Good luck.

Ah apologies if you did not know that the term is generally regarded as to mean being “hearing impaired”. It obviously is not an indicator as to whether someone has a full or partial hearing loss however deaf people prefer to use the term “hard of hearing” over anything that implies an impairment or disability but one can see where confusion may arise. :wink:

Anyway back on topic. Thanks for offering to check if the Carleton Sheets have captions Liquidity. You should see a little “CC” symbol on the box, I so far haven’t been able to locate it myself but if need be I’ll send a message to an eBay seller like you suggested.

Thank you for everyone’s positive responses so far!