Carey books, goldmine or lucky I borrowed?

Hi everyone! I’m a newer investor, and still reading as much quality literature as I can on different techniques and strategies.

I picked up a book last night by a Chantal Howell Carey and Bill Carey, titled “The New Path to Real Estate Wealth - Earning without Owning”.

I’m wondering what the community’s experience has been with this book. I am only a short way in and finding it informative so far, but would I be better off looking for different literature? I like to be as educated as possible, but at the same time don’t want to waste time that might be better spent with other materials.

Thanks for any and all constructive comments, glad to be part of REIClub!

I have not seen that material, but it never hurts to read all the free stuff you can. If you want another FREE book on the same technique, download Peter Conti and David Finkle’s book “How to Create Multiple Streams of Income…” from this website.

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They reinterate the same material from their other books. I would not recommend them!