Carelton Sheets Package

Is the Carelton Sheets No money down package worth buying?

i am new to real estate as i bought my first fixer upper house and was hoping to sell it. After being on the marke for 6 months, i decided to rent it out and it is going very well and i am trying to get into buying more for either resale or rentals.

PROBLEM IS??? All the banks want 20% down or 10% and pay PMI. and I only have about $5000 in the bank. I have a steady job and my debt to income ratio is only about 20% now that i refinanced all my credit cards into the rental house and let my tenants pay that.

The thing is, i know i can make alot of money but dont know how to get around putting nothing down. so i have had the itch to buy this course, but am afraid its just another gimmick deal. Any Suggestions?

Why couldn’t you sell within 6 months? Were you that overpriced that overleverage idiots wouldn’t even bite?

Everything that those gasbags sell you is available right here on the Internet for FREE! That’s right Free! Also ask yourself this, if they were so good in Real Estate, why are they trying to sell you a “get rich quick” scheme? Shouldn’t they still be in Real Estate making the big bucks?

the house was priced right at the appraisal value, had lots of lookers but didnt even have an offer. I am kind of glad that it didnt sell as i have good renters right now and i was able to consolidate my bills from my college years when i racked them up.