Careers as a Real Estate Broker

Ive received a great career opportunity. My current employer recently started up a second company (real estate), however he doesn’t have the time to devote to it’s unexpected growth. Though I have absolutely no real estate experience or knowledge, he is paying for me to go back to school to get my real estate and broker liscence with the intention of me heading up his new company. Though Im very excited and grateful for this huge financial opportunity, I have to admit I never imagined my career path going down the real estate road. I guess my question to all of you: Should someday down the road and I decide to leave my current company, what other career and financial opportunities will this new degree provide me??

A real estate license is not a degree, so I’m not clear on your question. Some colleges have a real estate path in the business school. It’s often in the finance department.

Is that what you mean or you’re just talking about getting a broker’s license? In Texas, you get real estate agent license, then after 2 years of experience, you can take the broker’s license test.

The last post is correct and very informative for you.

To make a career out of it means studying 5 inter-related subjects at the same time and people watching. I don’t know if anyones ever written a book on the subject but you really need to learn clients favourite 101 excuses for saying NO. Just accept that all genuine sounding excuses and any topic that leads on to a No answer for you -are excuses, by excuses I mean bare-faced white-lies. Once you know this you’ll beat 50% of the competition and save a lot of sales time. I find it remarkable your boss is so trusting, since real estate is a 5 years to learn-the-ropes-profession.

Sorry I wasn’t clear!
I currently hold a bachelors degree in marketing and business management. I just enrolled into a technical college which offers an associates degree in Real Estate. Once Ive obtained the assoc. degree I will then be eligible to get my real estate liscense and also take the brokers test immediately following.
Once again, my question is “what other types of jobs and with what types of companies will opportunities possibly be available?”

I don’t think a real estate license makes any difference except if you want to list real estate. Having a broker’s license can perhaps look like a credential, but experience beats any credentials.

It can’t hurt, so go for it, but it’s not going to give you any different of a career path than what you can do now. A better answer may come from someone who has a job offer for you. If they want you to get a license, get it.

A different view: My advice is stop wasting your time with degrees, and accept that very few of them are worth the paper they are written on. You want solid experience, learn-n-work, to hone yourself into 200lbs of steel as they say.

Success is what you are chasing, success and profits. Now then, what are you doing today - with the body , brains and knowledge you’ve got to make money. Anything else is posturing.

Reputation is everything in real estate sales…you can’t get that in any school. Getting houses closed and doing it right does that.

studentat33 I have to apologies for the insensitive behavior of my friends. You have to remember that this forum is predominantly inhabited by investors and entrepreneurs. When you ask what kind of carrier opportunities you can get. It doesn’t float any boats here. We basically look at it and say why would you learn how to make money and build wealth but instead of making yourself rich take a job and give those profits to someone else and take a paycheck instead. I have degrees also. I have a degree in mechanical engineering and an MBA. These degrees allow me to get a job and make a good salary. But no job will make you wealthy. That is why I do real estate to become wealthy. That is what this site is predominately about. I don’t bring issues with my job to this forum because the answers that I will get will be to work harder at my real estate so I can quit that job and do real estate full time. What I would suggest you do is ask us any real estate questions that come up while you are doing the job for this boss of yours that you get stomped on and we will eagerly give you alternatives to evaluate in order to solve them (to make him massively rich while you earn a mere salary for your efforts). But asking what jobs you can do, I would ask them at a career site before coming here.

BlueMoon: Would you like to debate what you’ve put in your post in terms of job loyalty, security, pensions and working for a living vs self employment and own biz.

Would you like to debate the subject in this sense: A smuck is a smuck is a smuck, he can have degrees, MBAs, but [1] Will he will never alter [2] he will never rent an office, fill it with desks and equpment and put his name board outside. The answer is no. You see for millions of people they’ve no intention whatsoever of doing it, they can’t, couldn’t, never-will, and reading about it and joining forums is the only effort they will ever make to succeed.
I have seen sales managers waste time on room fulls of hopeful salespeople, on Monday mornings they have 40 attendees, Tuesday just 20 attend, Wednesday its down to 4, and by Friday its just 2.

I’m certain you have found a property that you can buy for $50 000, you want to help some smuck you like, this smuck might be a son, a brother, or even worse someone who’s told you he wants to be a serious investor. So you phone him, you tell him what you have found, you tell him it could be worth $100000. You point out that he’s going to make a years salary for just flipping a property, and the line goes quiet, you shout down the line “Are you there”, and he answers "Sorry, there was something I want to watch on TV, and I was just flipping the channel. And this is a true story. A true story some of us have witnessed a 1000 times. And we all know that they’ll never cross the street into Successland. Over-to-you.

I agree. I see it all the time.

Thank You. Isn’t it sad - dealing with dead beats.

My brother asked me to find a good friend of his with little money an house, we did. The agony of dealing with him still sticks in my craw, at contract and conveyance time he chickened out, afterwards he asked me [this was in 1975] Did I think he’d made a mistake? Should he have bought it. I said Yes, He replied "Look, how do I know you mean it, I replied in 20 years time this house will be worth a fortune, he replied, “Well why don’t you buy it yourself”, and so on and so forth. Today he’s walking around town telling everyone about all the good deals he missed?