Career Path Help: Commercial Credit Analyst or Broker?

Hey Everyone,

I need some help on what job to take. I have been offered two positions: commercial credit analyst (underwriting commercial loans) and a commercial salesperson.

Some info on me: I am a 22 year old, new college grad. I am very interested in commercial real estate as my career path. I am currently in a city in which I want to move from to where I am originally from in 3-5 years (St. Louis currently, move to LA in 3-5 years).

I am worried that if I take a broker spot in St Louis I will be stuck in STL. I feel like a salesperson in STL is worthless to someone in LA. On the other hand, I think that at 22 a salesperson position is a nice gig. I feel like the credit analyst position would give me a solid background on the financial side of real estate (since I would be underwriting mostly real estate loans). Also, it would give me a better exit opp then a broker. I do not necessarily want to be a broker the rest of my life, as I find the investment/development part of CRE is extremely interesting.

Am I correct in my thinking?

Any advice? Thanks.

I don’t really think this is the right forum for great advice on this question.

Good Luck though.

Getting a brokers license is no easy feat anymore. You have to have experience plus pass a state administered exam. I would suggest taking the analyst job, and getting a part time real estate gig so you can build up the work requirement needed to qualify for a brokers license. You will also need classroom hours as well to qualify.

Hope this helps.