Car signs

I am looking for some advise on car signs.

My investment interest is mainly apartments and commercial. I would like something on a car sign that directs people to my website.

I would like for it to be a little generic but if someone had property for sale they would contact me. I am looking for something like “Property for Sale, Contact me”

Any suggestions?

I asked a similar question recently, and most of the advice is to keep it simple.

Here is what I use:

Here is who I used:

Ordered on Friday, shipped on Monday.

Great prices and great service, I highly recommend them.

Thanks for the reply, but I am really looking to buy multi family, so I am not sure “we buy houses” would work.

Thanks for the link on where to get the signs. If I can come up with a slogan I know where to buy the signs now.

We buy apartments, We buy duplexes, whatever, just have the sign say what you do… keep it simple.

jared, i agree [b]kiss works & causes a lot less confusion than
more complicated methods.

any good websites to visit to find good deals on magnets?

I’m not looking for the standard “I BUY HOMES” I want something with a little more class…

just google and look around.

P.S. use I buy houses not homes. Never use the word homes when buying.

Buy a “house”… sell a “home”. :beer

How about just getting a creative website domain.

I don’t know if it is available, but how about

or something similar…then just put the website on your car. Nothing more. that will spark interest to visit the site.

2 key points:

  1. Phone numbers on signs tend to get a much higher response rate than web addresses.
  2. If you’re going to use a URL on your sign, the simpler and more memorable, the better. And a .com will be easier to remember than .us, .biz, .net, and so on. The tough thing is that it’s harder and harder to find a good, simple, memorable .com URL these days.

That being said, you might as well use both a phone number and a web address on your sign.

Good luck!

i am working on a sign for in the bed of my pick up truck . it is a 4ft by 4 ft house shape cut out of ply wood. it will sit on a stand so the sign sits about 10inches above the bed rail . it will be removable so on days when i need to haul alot of cargo i can just unstrap it an lift it out …
pretty much it will look as though im driving down the road with a small billboard in the back of my truck. i plan to paint it bright yellow , with black letters…

another thought i had is to make a 8ft by8ft house billboard and put it on a small flat bed trailer .i could take the trailer and park it at difrent locations around town, with permission of course …what do u think of theses ideas?

I bought some from

They were $35 a pair (12 x 18) and stay on OK. Best part is you design it yourself online, with your text, make it say what you want. Customer service was good too.