Car Lien??

Hi. I have come across someonewho says she has a $19,000 car lean from a repossessed vehicle. They do not have the car but are paying 200 a month in settlement fees i guess?? And the company has put a lien on the home. She swears that the car was not used against the home, I didnt know it was possible to put a vehicle lien on a home unless it was used as collateral?? Whats going on here. And has anyone had success shorting a lien like this.

My guess is the company is simply telling her they have a lien on the house to get her to keep paying the $200/mth. If the car has been repossessed why in the world would she keep paying? As for recording a car lien against a property, I don’t think its possible or allowable in most municipalities (my 2c). If on the other hand they really do have a lien on the property and its not a first lien they would be ripe for shorting should the home fall into foreclosure.

Did they goto courthouse to check if its true yet?