Cape Coral, FL - Any investor outthere?

I just received some info about this pre construction. Anyone from FL or investing there know anything about this deal or market there, good or bad, what to watch out for.

Cape Coral,Lee County, Florida
34% appreciation
NO down-payment
100% Financing
10% Initial Equity

  • All New Pre-Construction Housing In
    Beautiful South-West Florida.
  • High Appreciation Rates (20 to 34% Last Year)
  • 100% Financing (No “Down-Payment”)
  • No Monthly Mortgage Payments
  • 5th Fastest Growing City In the USA
  • Top Economic Growth City In the USA
  • A Fully Managed “Turn-Key” Investment
  • Practically No Time Involvement Required

A Safe Investment with a high return.

I think we have spoken before? I am in Fort Myers, and have bought and sold many lots and one home through a developer named Adams homes (alot like First Homes if you are familiar). Put 1K down at contract while it is being built find a buyer, close on the house and the same day or shortly there after flip it. Cape Coral water lots have gone through th roof, i dont know of many canal lots left that have gulf access 9readibly accesible i should say). There is ALOT of land out in the Cape, my guess would be it is 10 years out of being really built out, but it is a booming area still. The outline you had sounds pretty typical for this area…

Ok, i cant beleive i did this but my curiosity got the best of me. I sent off for the package. This is a group out of CA, that like many posts i have seen are moving their assets out of CA and moving them into thriving area. Cape Coral (i say this because it is in my back yard) is a booming area right now. THere are a ton of restriction out there but i think in most part it is to keep it a upscale city, it has some great canals that lead to the gulf but you ahve to be careful becuase gulf access could mean, you have to take your boat down a canal, to a boat dock and then drive it by truck to another dock to get it to the gulf (mangrove restricions are causing alot of issues with new docks being built and true gulf access). More to come when i get the packet of info…

This is a great program! I have done it myself and have made over 40K on every property. The problem with the information you received, is that they want to spit the profits 50/50. If you do a little research you can do the program your self.

I also did two Adams homes last year and have over 100k equity in less than a year.

i would love more info on the cape coral homes.
any one has some contact info for them?