Can't miss conference calls!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this sight and its extremely informative, but whats the deal with the conference calls. I have listened to 3 of them now and haven’t learned anything from them. Why do they tell you its packed with all this info you can’t miss out on that will help your business grow!!! All it ever is, is a 90 minute infomercial for 5k worth its weight in gold sales seminar. ENOUGH already with the emails saying its something every new investor can’t miss, because the info will make or brake your business. BALONEY, its just another guru pushing the seminar for 90 minutes!!!

is this the sheets seminar?
if so i would not waste my time or money his stuff is VERY begginner!
go look into dave lindahl he has some good stuff and some great teleseminars.

Hey, whatever the strategy, they got you to listen to the call and that’s what marketing is all about… They don’t need you to buy the course…someone else will for sure… and for the record, my man Sheet’s is AOK.

Its not about Carlton Sheets or any of the infomercials on TV. Its the ones reiclub send to you, that say that you get all this great info. All it is, is someone telling you a few basic points for the first 10 minutes. The last 70 minutes are nothing but them pushing you to buy the DEEP discounted seminar they are giving down in Florida or Texas. I don’t have the money or the time to go down there to a seminar. I listen to these conference calls to try to learn something, the only thing I’m learning is to not waste my time calling into to these conference calls rei club sends you in an email.

Yeah, I got that. The Sheets plug was a separate comment. What is it you wnat to learn. Maybe the community can help.

I agree with you concerning the conference calls, but to be honest they accomplished exactly what they wanted to by getting you to listen. The fact that you listened to it, hung up, and bring it up to other people pretty much makes you into a walking advertisement for them. The next person that hasn’t been on a conference call will now listen to the next one just to hear what you were talking about. You may not agree with the 90 minute sales pitch (i don’t either) but you cant deny that as a marketing tool its a great idea.

As far as the calls themselves, not all of them are just sales pitches. I try to attend all of them (in relation to certain techniques) and always pick up a trick or two. For instance, I listened in on a call a couple months ago concerning rehabing properties and found a better way to interview contractors for properties. I put it to the test when a friend of mine was looking to get a roof done and saved him about $2k. Next time your on a call get on the rei website at the same time, you may hear a speaker say just one word that triggers a whole new interest and you can research it right away. Remember, its free so all you can do is take it for what its worth. Good luck!