can't get started???? help!!!!!

ok gang…i’ve been kicking around this whole REI idea for a years…now i’m ready…or least i think i am…i want to be a bird dog…and i know they say to put ads in the papers “i want to buy houes”…“call me before u foreclose”…but what after then…got a guy who says he’ll but my house before anyone else…which is great but where do i get the houses from…i’m so lost!!!
Can anyone help?

                                             rheebaby  ???

how many books have you read?

Which ones?

This is one of those questions I could type all night! LOL

rich dad, poor dad…(love that book)!!! and i own the carleton sheets program for a couple of years now… i just don’t want to mess up, that why i’m scared…i know in this biz u have to fall down but doing it by yourself makes it harder…lol

is that all you’ve read in the past few years?

i probably read over a 100 different books on RE investing in the past
2 years.