Can't Get No Smiley Love

I’m trying to use the smilies over there and they just keep grinning at me, winking at me, smacking me in the head with a hammer, but they don’t ever let me play with them. I shower daily. What’s the deal?


Have you been using lots of glue lately? ;D

Here goes… ;D

:banana: :bouncemulti: :beer:

simple things make me happy. Thanks for the help Dave



Feel free to borrow mine:

Da Wiz

Oddly enough I dated a girl in college who looked somewhat similar, drooling and all.


Unless your enjoyment is getting harrased I wouldnt think you ever smile ;D


The guys that tried to harass don’t do that anymore. The dozens of private messages and emails I’ve received are worth it – and this board is fun. There’s nothing personal in any of this. To me it’s just about real estate and I laugh all the time.

Da Wiz