Cant Find The Homeowner?

I need help I found a great home for a wholesale or rehab but I cant find the owner of the property, I have there name but I don’t know where they are now. It says they still live at that house but it has been abandoned. Is there any way to find these people or should I omve on to another house?

I have used and there are several skip-tracing services. It will run you a flat fee every name you trace. Hope that helps.

will it give me there new address for sure, what am I getting with one of these serches.

Nothing is for sure, but there may be services that offer a guarantee.

I use, too, and it’s a good service.

The first, best thing you can do is go door-to-door on the street. Tell the neighbors you are a home rehabber and you are interested to see if you could buy the property from Mr X so you can fix it up, but can’t find him. Do they know where he is now? If not, what church or club did they go to, where did they work, where did they move to?

About 10% of the time I found someone who had a good phone number or address. But better yet, when I checked out the churches or work were they referred me to, I got good information about 60% of the time.

The Internet skip tracing services are mostly good. They check government and credit records against the address and the owner’s name. Generally, if the owner has used credit or shown up in the legal system, DMV or credit reporting in any way since they have moved it will show up. It is not guaranteed, but my experience with them is they get about 60%. Not perfect, but when you consider you can make thousands or tens of thousands - it is a heck of a good deal.

All of the technique talked about will work. But the ultimate way to find someone is to actually hire a Private Investigator. We have in the past done all the conventional searches and in the end come up short.

Just remember, if you come up short with the conventional stuff, then chances are everyone else is also coming up short. Depending on how good the deal is, it may then require getting the experts envolved.

A few years back we decided that after not being able to track down the owner using everything that was available to us, we were going to hire a PI. We felt that good about the deal. We were charged $150 for the PI’s service. Within 24 hours we had the name of the owner and all the contact information. Bottom line they can get access to databases and resources we all just can’t.

We made over $40,000 on that deal. It obviously worked out in the end.

Another good tool is Zaba or These are free searches. Sometimes you may find relatives in that area as well. I know if your a title agent they can do like what they call a free profile search online like 1st American Title…If they still own they could of had address changed to their new address.

Best of Luck,