cant find records on property!!

I was working yesterday in training ( day job ) and I saw house that looked abandoned. I immediatly took down the address and looked the house over for the work that would have to be put into it. looks like only cosmetic on the exterior. Anyways I heard the you can google the address to find out about the property but came up with dead ends. is there another source to look for property info on that i can use any suggestions would be helpful.


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Since I do not know what area you are in, I would suggest your county recorders office since they will have the info you are looking for. They maybe online, which will help immensly when searching for property information.

John $Cash$ Locke

Try using this site does cost but it is well worth it I have used it before and it works!!

Remember The harder the seller is to find the better the deal…

Howdy Fontana:

Actually the county tax appraisers office here in Travis County keeps all the ownership records online but are slow to keep up with the deeds office that Cash mentioned. You can google and find your local office of each if they have a website that you can search. This is the easy part of the search. When you find John Smith is the owner and the mailing address is the property address then you will start the adventure. I would start with the neighbors after that but in todays society good neighbors who actually talk to each other is getting harder to find.

Hope you can use some of this early am info.