Can't find property owner-Now what?

I have found a property, tired to contact the owner via doorhanger, flyer, letter, neighbors, visits, however, to no avail. :-\

I do not have a phone number or alternate address for owner. House is boarded up and no one seems to know where or how to locate the owner. Property is in preforeclosure, back on taxes a few years.

Does anyone have any ideas of how to contact/find owner-family member? I have heard that when things such as these arise, find a private investigator. Does it really work?

Any assistance/guidance is appreciated. Thanks. I have used it in the past works 90% of the time

Thanks reoconsultants. I will be checking out the site.

I’m able to acquire owner info on any property in my county through the county assessors office online. All I need to know is the property address and can search this info online. I can do it for free to find out the owner of the property and the home address of the owner. However… for more information regarding the property there is a monthly fee. After looking up the owner name & home address info, I then do a reverse phone directory search to find the phone number.

You could pay a service to acquire this information for you. I think it’s pointless to pay for a service when, with a little creative thinking and research, I can acquire the info for free.

Check with your county court house to see if it has a web site. If so, search around in the web site until you can find this information. Every county is set up differently though so this resource my not be available to you. But, it’s worth trying if it will save you money… ;D

Good luck on your endeavor…


I have a similar situation regarding a property in pre-foreclosure. And I know the owner’s brother installed an oil burner in my home last year. But get this, I contacted the brother and explained to him that I needed his brother to contact me about his property. He has not spoken to his brother in over a year and I even offered him a $25.00 fee to anyone who gets him to call me. I hope someone takes me up on my offer.

I’ll probably have to wait until the bank takes ownership or an auction takes place, huh.


Hi, I have checked the County Assessor, Phone books, neighbors all the run arounds. The only known address or information of the person is the physical address of the property (and she does not live there.) My fingers have done all the walking but yet to no avail.

One of the neighbors will be coming from vacation shortly and seems to be one of the know it alls in the area. I will be contacting him shortly.

Does the owner have a very common name? If not, have you tried calling other people in the phone book with the same last name? Maybe you’ll find a relative.

The phone directory thing didn’t work out. I was able to contact the neighbor after all. I got the name and place of work of the daughter. I spoke to the daughter and gave her a card and some info. Still waiting. Thanks

Betty Sue
Did you try the post office nearest to the property? Ask them if they have a change of address listed for the homowners name. :-\


Hi. I made contact with the daughter. Still no reply. I have researched the home. Owner owes alot of $$$ and the home and lot are not worth what she owes. She had multiple mortgages. I am sure that it will go back to the bank. Thanks for the reply.