Can't find online NC tenant law about appliances

Do I have to as a landlord in NC supply fridge and stove in rentals. I have looked online but can;t find the answer. Thanks for any help.

I just rented a house and 30 days later the fridge goes out. Nothing about it in the lease we got for a year. Help

Most places you are required to maintain the premises in a inhabitable condition meaning you are responsible for upkeep of the major systems - plumbing, sewer, heating, etc. Most of the time you are also required to keep the premises in the same basic condition as it was leased under - meaning if the place came with a stove and fridge, your tenant leased it that way and you have to keep it that way. You can’t lease it with a kitchen full of appliances and then take them out after they move in. Following this same line of thinking, you would be required to keep a working fridge and stove in there during the lease.
I have rented a house before that had all kitchen appliances except a fridge so it was understood I would supply one. That’s fine if that’s the understanding as long as everyone knows.
Maybe look at Craigslist, a local appliance store that may have working used appliances, or your local classified ad paper to find a cheap fridge.
If you still want to question if you’re required to replace the unit, talk to some local LL’s or a Realty office that manages rentals.

Do you want your tenants to quit paying rent, move out after a lengthy eviction process, then leave you with a vacancy to fill that does not have all the kitchen appliances?

Seems like this could cost you a lot more than the $600 or so you might spend on a new refrigerator.

You need to be practical. Repairing and/or replacing broken appliances is just a cost of doing business for a landlord.

600 dollars for a new fridge? Does anyone actually pay that for their rentals? That has to hurt when they move out and steal it!

I found one for three hundred fifty dollars and free ice maker and free delivery and set up so I was pleased as I had only gave 100.00 for the one that was in there and it was old.

Thanks for info though but could I rent a rental John in NC without appliances?? Just curious :bs

Yes, you could rent a place without appliances, ruready. Appliances do not make a property inhabitable or un-inhabitable (this is assuming that you’re not section 8, which requires basic appliances, I believe).

What is included in your lease should be specifically spelled out within the lease contract. If you did not specify who is responsible for appliances, then it is “assumed” that any appliances in the rental are part of the rental, and as such, you, as the landlord would be required to maintain/replace as needed, again, based on your lease contract.

What type of fridge you supply is up to you, as long as it’s functional. It does not have to be new, for example.

I don’t know what area of NC you’re at, but the Western and Piedmont sections have a great little paper called IWanna (you can find it online as well, just add .com) where you should be able to pick up a good fridge for around $100 or so.


Craigslist is a great source. I just bought a refrigerator for $100.00. It looks great. The guy who sold it to me gets refrigerators, stoves, and dishwashers from a high end apartment complex that installs new appliances every time a new tenant moves in. They sell the old ones to this guy, who in turn sells them on Craigslist… Great deal.

I also bought a stove for $50.00 and a dishwasher for $30.00 at my local Goodwill store this past weekend. I got them both at 50% off because my local Goodwill has 50% of sales every other Saturday. I am installing them tonight to see if they are working properly… :O)

By the way - the guy from Craigslist who sold me the refrigerator gives 30 days warranty… :O)