cant find motivated sellers

i havent given up but i have searched and dugged for motivated sellers
ive called bankruptcy attorneys,ran ads,drove in cars, i got two posssible leads my buyer emailed me back and said dont email him no more i dont no what im doing i felt really bad despretly trying to make in this game need some advise. im a newbi my wife thinks it a waist of time.


Good for you for taking action…not giving up is half the battle!

How about:

  1. Attending Your Local REIA to network with and see what other active investors are doing
  2. Putting Up Bandit Signs
  3. Sending Direct Mail - to out of state home owners
  4. Calling FRBOs (For Rent by Owner) ads/signs
  5. Calling FSBOs (For Sale by Owner)
  6. Contacting Bird-dogs
  7. Advertising on the web or in the newspapers
  8. Plastering Your “I Buy Houses” Business Cards EVERYWHERE
  9. Telling at least 10 new people every single day that you’re looking to buy houses…postal workers, exterminators, gas/electric residential meter readers, grocery store clerks, gas station attendants, everyone…
  10. Having a Realtor check the MLS for expired listings or keywords - DOM, vacant, estate, preforeclosure, must sell, fixer-upper, closing help, moving, relocated, divorce, etc…


Sounds like you brought him retail deals, or bad deals. Finding motivated sellers is an art in by itself, thats something you need to get very good at or you cannot survive in this business (unless you are a rehabber and buying from other wholesalers).

Knowing his reaction, and your previous question about evaluating a deal tells me you do not know how to evaluate deals and what investors want. Thats another challenge you need to overcome, but it is easier than finding the sellers.

If you are looking to generate motivated seller leads check out the marketing discussion forum on this site.

There are many ways to generate motivated seller leads. My experience is direct mail and internet are the least expensive and have the highest ROI.

Thank you everbody for your input and advice i greatly thank you.

Experthomes,Fadi, ReiforNewbies.

Maybe try birddogging out as a start and find a local mentor? People should be willing to teach you how to birddog because in return, you will be able to find them good deals and save them time. It’s pretty much a win-win. In addition, you also get a finder’s fee. Doing this will help you learn how to find good investments and give you a little pocket change in the process.

Man do I have a deal for you. Move on down here to Florida. I have had to cut back my marketing due to an overload of motivated sellers.

One thing though, don’t ask them if they would sell their home for what they owe. They are all upside down but boy do they make great short sales. It is a great market and getting better every day.

Come on down!