Can't Find Deals In Overcrowded Market...

What should this investor do?

He sent nearly 3,000 postcards to absentee owners about a month ago.

Out of that mailing, his response rate was so dismal, it wasn’t worth mailing twice.

He’s one of several investors that regularly mail to this niche, not including all the fresh seminar graduates that get an absentee list and bombard everyone.

Is there something that would help him find motivated sellers in an area with low inventory and lots of competition?

What would you do to find deals on the cheap?

Or, what would you do to find deals before anyone else did?

Any help, or advice would be fantastic…!

Thank you, in advance.

One way is to look for homes where the current owner has defaulted on their loan. There is a period of time before the bank forecloses on the home where you can make an offer to a homeowner who may be struggling with paying their mortgage. By approaching the homeowner before the bank forecloses, you can save the homeowner from foreclosure and buy a home that hasn’t been listed yet. Desperate times call for desperate measures!

The three components within our control, are the same issues that can derail any marketing system.

If a marketing system is underperforming, further examination into the message, the timing or the target audience should be done before trashing the system.

The message is the marketing itself, the copy, the offer, the call to action, etc., timing has more to do with the when and frequency the marketing is delivered and the audience is the target market.

Changing the message, timing and audience (not at the same time) could serve to revive this marketing system.

Once response rates have been improved, change something again and test it against what works (this is called A/B or split testing) to try to beat your current response rates.

Hope this helps.


Scott Miller

Very possible the list is outdated…
the copy or messsage is incongruent with the list…
He’s using the same list and probably using the same exact message as everyone else…

I focus on finding deals on social sites like facebook! Create a landing page to capture leads and follow up with the one that’s worth following up with. You will have more leads than u know what to do with. Test different ads and see what’s working best. Will be well worth the money spent.