Can't Act as Attorney on Closing

[b]I’m about to close on a 4 family in the Bronx and the sellers agreed to hold some paper. They agreed to let me act as my own attorney too but their attorney won’t allow it. I have some experience in real estate law but attorney doesn’t care. How do I get around having to pay for an attorney up front?

Thanks in advance.[/b]

can you get a buddy in the next office to do it,or any other attorney you know,lets face it you just need them for name only,

“He who represents himself, has a fool for a client” -Abraham Lincoln-

I don’t agree in this situation, maybe for other sitiations.
Get someone to be your lawyer in name only.

Thanks guys. I think I see some openings. Seller says he’ll pay for the lawyer by lowering the price so the attorney only need come to the table to get paid. Didn’t think of it that way before because of my false pride. :rolleyes A friend suggested getting a Legal Aid lawyer? Is that even possible?

You want an attorney. I take it you are a lawyer and want to represent yourself. The reason you want a lawyer is not to have a signature on the line. You want a second set of eyes on the deal. You save money on things that don’t matter, this is a place that it does matter.

You may be right.