Cannot work with this realtor....

I have found a home that I really really want to purchase. I found it on the MLS and the Realtor is trying to negotiate a SS yet he has absolutely no freakin’ idea what he is doing! The property is a perfect candidate for short sale and I feel that it is going to be lost do to the incompidence of this realtor.

The property is vacant and the trustee sale is coming up in June. I tried asking what the BPO came in at and he just looked at me funny. Told me there hasnt been one yet.

Told me he has had two offers on the house yet has not “heard back from the bank yet”. I asked what type of loan the homeowner has and he asked me with a stupid grin on his face why that mattered.

This is pissing me off! I cannot find the owner. What should I do?

It has a first for 90k and a second for 25K. I’ve had my contractor go through the property and it needs about 20k to get it turn key condition. It will appraise around 170 after repairs. The homeowners have divorced and the husband quitclaimed the property to the now ex-wife who has skipped town and left the house to rot.

Help me out guys


If the property is not fully foreclosed yet and it is listed on the MLS, the agent must have had the listing agreement signed by someone. I if it were me I would go over the agents head and call his/her broker and ask for a copy of the listing agreement which will give you owner contact info. IF the bank is who listed it (unusual at this pre-foreclosure point) than I would contact the loss mitigation department with the bank directly and submit an offer. If they are unaware of the agent they do not hesitate to go around them is my experienc :beere.