Cancun, Mexico

There is a developer who is building a Hotel & resort in Cancun. They are offering the lots at this time. I am an American, what are some of the Mexican laws that will be a problem in ownership?

One major problem is that U.S Citizens cannot own property in all areas or enter into contracts.

 Back in the day, the United States didn't want other nations to build military bases in Mexico.  So Mexico passed a law that foriegn citizens could not own property in Mexico if the property was within (my numbers might be off a little) 25 miles of a coastline or 75 miles of a national border.
 In the 1970s, the Mexican economy was in the toilet, and the government began to realize the unexploited value of their coastal properties.  Loopholes were created in the laws so that rich foriegners could buy up properties in these restricted areas.
 Today, people are buying up land all over Mexico.  Even Donald Trump has a development going up in Baja.  I think the way it works is that you cannot individually own properties like this, but you can set up a trust and get a 100 year lease, which can be renewed.  This trust can be passed on to your next of kin just like real property.  I think another loophole exists for foriegn businesses and corporations, so you may be able to own these properties through an entity.
 The best way to proceed would be to consult an attorney who specializes in these transactions.  There are a ton of real estate agents and time share companies who will try to schmooze you into getting into this without legal counsel.  I would consult at least one attorney before proceeding with purchase.
 Bebe Mescal anejo

I have to ask, why do you need to invest in Mexico and have all of the added risk and annoyance of investing across federal lines? Are there no good investments in your market or is the market down there just that good? Other than the guy selling you this land what other sources have told you this is a good deal? Please tell me you’re not just going on the word of the developer to tell you there is good money to be made.