Cancelling broker agreement with agent

We have had a realtor working with us for the past few months and are getting nowhere. Does anyone have an example of a letter to use to cancel our broker agreement?

You simply need to send the broker (not the agent) a letter telleing them you want to terminate the agreement effective immediatly. Most Brokers won’t fight it as they do not want to work for someone who doesn’t want their services. You want an unconditional release.


I had a similar problem with a Remax agent in Charlotte, NC. She flatly refused to release me from the contract. I contacted an attorney but he said it wouldn’t be worth the time or trouble for me to sue to get out of the contract. I couldn’t stand the thought of another 3 months with her. I removed all her signs from my yard, changed the lock on the front door so she couldnt access the house and sent her a fax with three sentences, one being a quote she used in a letter to me. I had my release by 5 PM the SAME day.These types think they can do as they please and you have to play nasty with them sometimes. When you become a total pain in the rump to them and don’t take their crap they decide its in their best interest to let go.