Cancellation of my richdad coaching b/c of REICLUB

I’ve recently joined the richdad coaching program and since I found that love again to invest. I started checking out alot of my old bookmark sites and this was 1 of them, never really used it until now and since i’ve been using it. I’ve decided to cancel my richdad coaching program only because I feel for the money i’m paying is nothing compared to what i’ve learned here already and I have you guys to thank. This forum is alive an kicking and people respond, I’m apart of 3 different forums for richdad and the communication on the forums lack big time.

When you are dealing with your wealth, you have to get personal. They will ask you personnel questions about your income and expenses etc. This is a 2 way street. You need to ask him personal questions also. This is called qualifying your coach. You need to ask him these 4 questions. #1 Are you rich? If he is not rich, then how can he teach you how to get rich? Most of the coaches at places like richdad are not rich, they are employees that have gone through training on how to use the course. They have a great answer for that question designed around how it is not about him but the program but it boils down to no they are not rich so they are not qualified to be your coach. #2 How did you get rich? If he didn’t get rich doing what he is coaching then how can he coach you on how to get rich? Beware of the difference in getting rich doing a thing and getting rich selling people on how to get rich doing that thing. #3 When did you get rich? If he got rich in real estate in the 1980’s then this is a completely different market. It is like he has no idea of what it takes currently. #4 How many people have you made rich? You want to know if he has the ability to make you rich based on past experience.

Looks like I maynot be able to cancel, I’m going to call back to spk w/ someone else later, but they’re telling me because I didn’t cancel 3 days from the date I recieved my package, then I can’t cancel. I asked if there’s a cancellation fee and all the girl can do is tell me she will have someone from quality assurance call me.

I went to a rich dad seminar a few years ago to see what they had to say.It was just enough info to get you in trouble and loaded with wholesalers like buzzards on a fence waiting to jump the new meat.

I was mentored by an older woman who was getting out of houses into commercial real estate.And learned more from her than any seminar or "coaching"could provide,plus it was almost free(I bought her lunch a few times).I don’t know of anyone who got rich off these "coaching"programs.

I also was shocked to see the number of gullible people who signed up for “coaching” in the back of the room.These things were ridiculous starting @$2k all the way to $35k!!I laughed when they showed the pricing,but there were suckers lined up back there.My advice find a local mentor,spend some time with them.

Well I got a hold of another rep who cancelled everything for me, but I still don’t trust them so I had my credit card cancelled and they will send me a new one.

when I attended the 3 day seminor they where getting signed up in the back for the 3 day bootcamp and it was between 16-74K

I was in the middle of a rehab a couple of years ago. I had the house advertised in the local paper. A lady called and asked if I was a real estate investor? I told her the house was not completed yet. She said that was ok because she did not want the house she wanted to know if I could help her get started in real estate. She offered to bring out lunch while we were working on the project if I gave her some hints and leads.

If you do the same thing you get somebody actually doing it right now in your same town. It may cost you a couple of lunches but you have got nothing to lose and it won’t cost you $2k like Armando or Robert Kyosiki will.

Glad we could help. Ask away - some of the forums could use a boost in use. Remember Gurus sell information - much of which is very vague and general and may or may not work in your area. Congrats on not getting sucked into the guru machine.

Thanks Justin, the creative finance world has always been an area I wanted to tap into years ago, but we had options back then, now we don’t so i’m a a somewhat season investor with some noob questions. I just couldn’t be a part of their forum anymore. waiting weeks for simple answers.

I found a home at reiclub :biggrin

How long had you been in the RD coaching program before you decided to cancel. Did you get your money back?

I was a member for almost 30 days. they took 1950 and then the last to payments was to be paid on the 60th and 90th day and the program last for 6 months. I wasn’t going to fight over the 1950 only because I know they would try to fight me on it. so once I was able to get someone to cancel the rest of the training. I called up my credit card and had them block the card and send me a new one. Even thought they said they would stop it, I had to many companies in the past that said they would do the same and next month I would find a charge on my bill.

Philly. The “Rich Dad” books are about as far as I’d go. They’re cheap and they have some good insights about changing your mindset. But thats as far as it goes. The mentoring/coaching is for people who want to be led by the hand. They’re basically selling an expensive security blanket. A true mentor will not have such a high price tag. This site is loaded with good advice from people who have nothing to gain by their suggestions. Good luck.