Canadians need help finding financing. We are non US citizens

Our credit scores are 630 ish. We will need financing for a primary residence and another to rehab which we understand and plan to rehab rather quickly.

Please explain the different requirements for stated or full doc?

We are non US citizens. Canadians citizens does that make a big issue?

What amount of down payment would be acceptable for not having to show docs?

We would prefer not to have to show income verification due to the fact our tax returns are Canadian returns. We will have money for a down payment but would prefer to put the minimum. For the rehab what amount of down payment are we looking at?

What about them checking our credit score as we use the same 3 credit reporting agencies as the US but we have no US credit as of yet.

I had a similar problem with the credit reporting system. I moved from Ontario to Orlando and wanted to buy a house, but with no credit on the US reporting agencies… Have them pull a credit check from the Canadian branch. Back in 2000 it cost me 65$, they found I had great credit and I had no problem getting a mortgage. There is no credit reporting between the two countries but if they are paid to check they can.

Thanks. I find it interesting that we can legally start a Real Estate Investment LLC in the US in a reasonable time frame but the hoops we must jump to have at the very least temporary residency. Did you have difficulties?