Canadian Investing

I have just recently started investing and am presently using bandit signs to attract sellers. I am on the West Coast which is booming in RE sales so creative deals are hard to come by. Can anyone suggest anithing that might help to attract more motivated sellers? Much Thanks

Buy where there is a buyers market. Be a partner in a sweet deal like here in Austin . It is surely a buyer’s market here amd I can help find many deals below market. There are hundreds of Huds, preforeclosures, foreclosures, sub2, 0 down, etc deals that can be done. I am working a 86 unit apartment deal at 15,000 per unit that should be worth 40,000 per unit when complete. We could use a partner or two still in the deal. I also know of some 0 down condos but you can only get 10 at a time.

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