Can you Wholesale Turnkeys to Investors or 1st times? Buy at $150K Sell at 160?

can you whloesale get a house under contract or sell to a 1st time buyer or investor a almost turnkey house buy it contorl it for $150,000 and sell for 160K? There are so many reos/fores out here can I do it? these are comps at 250-280+300 sometimes The market is great here in Riv/San Bern Ca.Lots of greta deals, on homes 1985+ sweet spot are $160,000-180,000(comps at 280-330) if I can get under contract can I just flip it to a first time home buyer + my $10,000 fee is there a problem with that its seems to simple. The only issues i see is just getting them fast enough…::))

The big thing is you must find the buyers. You can have a 100 houses with 10K in fees but what good is it if you don’t have buyers. Don’t throw mud on the wall to hope it sticks, or be ready, fire, aim. Find the BUYERS!!!