can you somehow combine the services of a home inspector and contractor?

If you’ll need to get an estimate from a contractor why not get a contractor to do your inspection also or an inspector to give you an estimate, if they do any construction also? Is that something to inquire about? Even if a contractor wasn’t licenced to give inspections couldn’t you pay them for the additional time and information of an inspection needed anyway to get the work estimate at a discount or just to save time?

When you give the inspection report to the seller and ask for a reduction it will not be accepted if the inspection is not done by a licensed inspector. Also the contractor can’t get into the house for the inspection unless he is let in by a person that is licensed by the state so the selling real tor will have to decide to come over and let him in and won’t have any obligation to let him in.

Thanks. Are you saying that only opinions of licenced inspectors are trusted? Last inspector I used missed a couple costly defects. And are you saying a seller or realtor wouldn’t open the door for a contractor? I’m missing something

You’d think the contractor you hire to do the repairs needed for the defects the inspector finds would also be qualified to identify these defects no?


I have residential building, commercial and engineering contractors licenses in multiple states. Most states require I have much more experience than a home inspectors requirements for class completion for home inspector licensing.

As a general contractor I can see, reveal and estimate damages, however I do not have the knowledge of format or what the lender expects in a home inspection report. Most of the idea of home inspection is to protect the buyer and the lender, the buyer wants to understand condition and the lender wants to make sure their lending on a sound home.

With that said I could go back and take the home inspector classes so I become certified to inspect homes, but most contractors make much better money building while home inspection is really a service.


Thanks gr. So I’d be lucky to find that situation. Scratch that idea then.