Can you sell a rental lease as a "note receiveable" for cash??

Hi everyone,

I’m just reading and learning about REI right now (I have yet to make a purchase), so please don’t laugh at my question if it sounds dumb:

I’ve heard of selling NOTES or LOANS (as in RECEIVEABLES FACTORING)-- can you do that with a rental lease? I mean, if I buy property and rent out the units (townhouses, apartments, whatever . . .), can I sell the lease and get cash up front-- and then the tenant would make the payments to whomever I sold the lease to??? That way, as a landlord, I wouldn’t have to be bothered with late rent, no rent, etc-- let the note holder act as a collection agent.

So, when the lease is up, if they renew it, they still renew it with me, but I could sell it again and have my money up front?

Can you do that??

Debends on who your selling to. If the tenant is a “credit tenant” i.e, established business with a >BBB rating this would be pretty easy.