Can you replace plastic window splines?


Have 1980’s era windows in my new duplex. The windows have double glass but the plastic edges (splines?) are cracked, broken and faded. Can they be replaced?

Or must I replace the windows? Anybody got some good tips on this? I don’t want to spend money on new windows if I don’t have to.

Thanks, Furnishedowner


those splines help hold the glass in place. you remove them as the first step in replacing the insulated glass unit.

Thanks. I will try to replace the glass unit and plastic edges. Another subject that I am learning more about than I ever wanted to know.


if you ever watch a window guy replace one, you see how easy it is. funny, how you can’t find any instructions anywhere. protecting trade secrets, I guess.

all the ones I’ve seen are just held to the frame with silicone. remove the plastic, use a heat gun to soften the goo and putty knife the glass unit away from the frame. clean it up, re-goo and place the new one.

I did a small window at home with no prob.

Thanks again for the tips.