Can You recommend a short sale course and a seminar

I am trying to learn as much as I can about the short sale process and realize there are too many different speakers and books on the subject to know who to choose.

Can you recommend any speakers for seminars and courses on the subject?

Thank You,

Most of the people giving courses are doing multiple deals because the have a list of investor buyers with ready money. They do not use their own or they would quickly run out. Now if you are just wanting to do one at a time then it won’t make a lot of difference in whose seminar you go to. The basics are the same. There is a wide variance in cost.

I bought the Ron LeGrand course. It was $500 but it included all of the forms, filled out copies of the forms and example deals. There are 5 cds of lecture from that I found very informative. In fact, I am so confident now that I listened to the course I am actively seeking preforeclosure houses.


If you want to get the most short sale info for the best price, you need to meet Dwan & Sharon, Financial Freedom Through Foreclosures! Go to They know their stuff. They have several bootcamps and the best material around. Dwan’s husband, Bill is awesome! He teaches you what to say and just how to say it to get the best results using NLP! If you want to get more info on Dwan, Sharon & Bill, go to and ck out current articles!

Just my 2 cents worth! :smiley:
Anderson, SC

And a quick note from the administrator that both Dwan and Sharon’s articles as well as their courses are available on this site as well…