Can you really survive without a Website?

Hi I am a noob investor in the LA california market. I am planning on wholesaling in California and Hawaii. Both markets seem to be pretty tough. Both very desirable places to live. My plan is to use local neighborhood newspapers, and bandit signs to drive motivated sellers to my website. I have some experience with this for the Mortgage biz. Does this seem like a sound plan? Do I really need the website? Or could my energies be spent better doing something else? I need to flip some properties quick to pay bills and for advertising. Any other suggestions?

It does help to have one.
We run ads in the newspaper and have had folks plugin
details over the internet form.
This applies to both sellers and buyers.
Plus your contact info is up on the web and all they need
to remember is the name of the site.


I think it is paramount if you are working foreclosure, probate or out of town owners.
The problem you may run into is your website name is so long it may not fit on one column inch and therefore could be hyphenated at any point in the name. This may loose you traffic. It will absolutely not be legible at 35 mph for your bandit signs.

I also highly recommend adding an toll free number for how they can contact you.

People can tell their problems to a web site and they do so regularly at my site.

I have the greatest web site name of all time and I love it. I also don’t go out the house without one of my shirts on.

I think it helps. Plus it is not expensive. Mine cost $50 to set up myself. It adds credibility, and I’m finding that sellers like to be able to get a lot of info. Some have told me they preferred to check out my site first, then call me.

The better question should be, why should you not have a website? With everyday, people get more and more internet savy. For the price, I think you should get one, it can’t hurt, and it only takes one deal to make it all worth it.