Can you make any money in Florida?

Everyone is telling me how horrible down there. I am wondering if you can make money in that bad of a market,

Money can be made anywhere…the only difference is how and how much.

I know a few people down there, it depends on what you are doing. I hear depending on the area people are doing condo conversions and are stopping in the middle. Why not sure, most likely ran out of money, anyone from FL have any input.

There is money to be made in any market. Look at it this way, the more volatility the more opportunity. Up, down, sideways you just have to be smart and of course lucky. I couldn’t be happier with my FL investments.

Yes you can make money in FL. The market is definitely down, so is the profit-margins. I am doing a great pre-construction project in Lee County FL which is taking next to nothing to get into but I’m still netting 1000% ROI.

Do you have any details on how you are doing this?
I am only asking because I know you can make money in any market. I am trying to explain this to a “know it all”
that knows nothing about REI. I am trying to explain it to them in terms they would understand.

For instance:
This particular investment consists of 100% Financing on a SFR Pre-Construction. Less than 1k deposit and no other payments. Now the key is the research on the area. For example in this area, even in the worst year last year, 1000 homes sold '06. You need to see how many homes the market can bear, and what the product might have to set itself apart from other products in the market. What kind of marketing plan is put into place to ensure the sale of this as well. With this program I’ve become involved in, the numbers, comps and stats all make sense. Again your initial investment is minimal and so are your returns. But if you can turn $900.00 into $9,000.00 or more in less than 8 months, I think it’s worth it. Bottom Line, You look at the project, evaluate the numbers, if they look like they make sense, and their is solid numbers to prove it, then it might be worth it. Obviously all real estate endeavours comes with some sort of risk, You just need to be smart about it. Check out the Investor network ads under FL for more information.

Good Luck :wink:

if you change your mind set from buy low and sell high to looking for cash flow, i can show you how to get a 60% to 70% cash on cash return in FL TODAY!

What kind of investment are you talking?

ed duples for 175K worth 220K, 20K down, 500 per mo posotive (after PITI) at 5% per yr appreciation your cash on cash return is 70% per yr plus! I acquire, tenant place and manage.

ed duples for 175K worth 220K, 20K down, 500 per mo posotive (after PITI) at 5% per yr appreciation your cash on cash return is 70% per yr plus! I acquire, tenant place and manage.

I’m assuming that’s some shorthand and acronym-age I haven’t learned-

What’s “ed”? (Besides a wonderful horse)
PITI I can look up…


There is money in any market.
As you become more seasoned in investing, you find ways to create your opportnities. Plenty of reading and asking questions in forums will help you succeed.

Actually Panama City FL is top investment city in the U.S according to the travel channel.

I’m not familiar with FL flipping laws, but I recently talked to a woman who moved out of FL.

She put a for sale sign in her front yard, before going to the realtor’s office to list it. He had her sign the papers, and when she got home, there were three phone calls, two with cash offers higher than she listed the house for. She said homes in that neighborhood were selling, many times for cash, in an average of three days.

I’ll have to try to round her up and find out what area that was. I do know that it’s an area that has many elderly in it.