Can you Lease Option Apartments or Commercial Property?

Is is possible to Lease Option Apartment Buildings and Commerical Properties?

Yes, it usually takes the form of a Master Lease (a lease that covers the whole building) so you can sublet individual units, and of course an ordinary option to purchase.

Master Lease options are a great way to take property from a motivated seller. You basically give them one tenant and they love you for it. Then you can improve the operations and value and collect the cashflow and execute the purchase contract if it makes sense. Let me know if you need help negotiating something like this with a motivated seller.

What types of commercial properties work well for a master lease option? Retail?Residential? Office?
Where can I get a Master lease option contract?

Any income producing property will work with an MLO.

As far as the contract I believe you have to have a lawyer draw one up for you.