Can you get 20 or 30% gross and 10-15% net rental returns

Just wondering what you guys manage to get when buying property, I’m basically trying to get the highest rental return possible, and I think with really good deals it’s possible to get 30% gross returns, which makes it a killer investment. Anyone getting those kinds of returns?

I’m glad to get a 10% Cash on Cash return on a rental in my area. In order to do that I generally have to buy distressed properties at significant discount and do a fair amount (sometimes extensive) rehab. But then I also get the added equity above and beyond the cost of rehab when I go to sell the property.


Every area is different, but I try for 50 % ROI and I wont look at any thing less than 30%. Yes this means low investment amounts and buying at steep discounts. Most of my purchases are no money down so it is ALL ROI.