can you explain LLC

can you explain LLC and how to get one. Also are the rules and laws the same for a LLC in every state? I’m in Connecticut.

Thanks Auggie

Hi auggflo.

I am in NY and formed LLC this year.

Since it was first time for me to form LLC and I didn’t want to make any mistake, I use to form LLC. I am not sure the rules and laws are the same in every state. (filing fee and other fee are different).

Like most of them, I didn’t spend too much money and talked several investors who formed LLC and found that 's fee are reasonable and I could just go to their office to pick up documents.

In addition, my other friends formed LLC by themself. You still have to pay filing fee; however, you can save money.

Hope this helps.

PS. What part of CT?


HI Amanda thanks for the respond. I’m in the Hartford area in CT. I looked at the site you gave me but they don’t cover CT. I’ll have to look around here the see where I can get info on what is an LLC and how to get one.

Hi auggflo again

I searched internet and found several sites.

Forming LLC doens’t seem hard. However, I just didn’t make mistake. You know, once you checked wrong box, you will have hard time to fix it… :frowning:

I am in the Westchester in NY. If I found something in your area, I will ask your opinion. :wink:


Hi Auggflo,

I live in CT too. Here’s the website to get the form to set up LLC:

Any questions, let me know.

Which part of CT are you from?


Thank you all for your helping.

How do I explain to a seller that an option is the way to go? I guess I’m missing why an option if a buyers contract is pretty close. It that right or wrong. I’m trying to learn options because I’m trying to generate some working cash.

Thank you

[b]Hey Auggflo,

Re: The LLC question…go to and get a state specific current LLC kit with all the forms either in a downloadable NOW format or order a cd and book with snail mail.About $90.00 to do it yourself through your Secretary of state filling office and saves a lot of time. ;D