Can you buy a house under Corporation or LLC??

Hello eveyone,

I would like to know whether you can purchase a house under corporation or LLC, especially when you are trying to get financing for them.

If I could get financing for purchasing under a corporation or LLC, I was hoping that I could go through “1031 Exchange” as soon as I sell it.

Is this possible?

It is possible to buy the property in the name of a Corp or LLC, but the officers or members will probably have to guarantee the mortgage personally. I am not a loan officer, that is just what I have experienced.


It is my understanding that you can not get credit under the corp or LLC to purchase standing alone as it would be a start up.

The board would be using their own personal credit line ( signing for the loan) presenting a biz plan ect as to start the LLc on it’s way to creating it’s own credit.

Just my understanding, I have no expeirence in purchasing under an LLC or corp just read many books.

Unless you start your LLC and the partners make large capital contributions, at least one member is going to be required to take personal liability on the loans. Even when you start a new LLC and you open a business account at the bank and the bank issues the members business credit cards, the first member to sign is going to be personally liable. So don’t default or make late payments or it will reflect negatively on the liable members personal credit report.

After your first 2 years you can purchase in the LLC’s name. After 6mths of seasoning the title you can switch the title into the LLC.

I thought that if the lender got wind of of the title change they would force it back, if the mortgage is recorded in an individuals name???

Also whenever you put it in an llc or corp it’s considered to be a commercial mortgage and they are going to require a lot more money down to purchase.