Can you beat this story? You think you have seen it all...until...

Speaking with a potential buyer last week on my investment home ($56k price) and he says he has already seen the inside of the home since the door was left open. (WTF!) So he says he went inside to look around and is very interested to buy it.

I send out my partner to secure the home and have a proper meeting with the buyer.

After submitting a loan app, our mortgage broker says he is not ready to buy but with credit repair, he should be ready in 6 months.

I offer a lease option, $5k down, $650 per month for 12 months, $51k balance due at end of term, and he accepts.

He meets with my partner today to sign the contract, pay the down payment and rental deposit, and to get the keys.

My partner calls me immediately after the meeting and tells me the buyer…

get this…

“has been working on the house for the past three days, has replaced all of the carpet, and has already painted the entire interior of the home !!!”

I :shocked

Tell me your wildest buyer or seller story. I know I can’t be the only one out here with a wacky buyer.

:cool I do not find this wacky in any way it bothers me for you as you have no better security on your investment WOW !! HOW did this person get in to your home and do all this work with out you knowing some one is asleep at the controls some where ??? :banghead

I don’t have ANY stories because I am very new. But that story right there is still crazy to me, lol. I don’t know if I would be mad, impressed, disappointed in myself, or just in shock!

That is a little crazy. Hopefully he/she does not wind up damaging the home […e.g. the “I’m taking back what is rightfully mine” mindset] if they move out - say if their credit does not improve. However, don’t assume the worst. More than likely you’ll only win from this situation. You know for sure at least they’re motivated to take care of the place. =)

Sure hope it was painted well, and in nice colors! I have to have the same worry about security as real estate 101! What if they had come and painted it eggplant purple with yellow shag carpet! It’s just not ok for people to be in the house without a lease agreement. What if they hurt themselves on YOUR property! Could have gone real bad real fast.

Sorry… been shopping for liability insurance for my husbands company for the past month…perils, perils, and MORE perils!.. along with health insurance. AHHHHHH!

You gotta tell us though, how DID the guy get in? Did he pick the lock? Did he have a key? :shocked HMMM/ ok, ok, I’m stopping now. :beer

Wow posts turned negative real quick :slight_smile: Yes I agree with the being able to get into the house comments, but really… whats the big deal.

As far as not being painted correctly…etc. it all can be fixed with the $5k down if needed so it is really minimal risk…

Put $1K to the side… if it doesn’t pan out tell him you will give him $1K to help him relocate if the property is in excellent shape!

i don’t understand…did the person do all of that before he ever spoke with you or your partner?


I know a Guru dude and some of his followers that carry “bump keys” that opens any lock. They also have a piece of a plastic bottle that they slip in the jam to open it.
This guy has gone into properties and painted etc and rented the places out!!! Unreal…