Can wholesalers become millionaires?

The kind that send out 20-30,000 letters/month?

I heard of a wholesaler that was a millionaire, but he had been doing it for over 11 years I think. He was selling a course called Blitz wholesaling, where you wud recruit help in multiple cities.
His name was Brandon Turner I think. I purchased his course, you have motivated me to find it and do it.

That’s what I’m here for

The guys running large scale wholesaling operations aren’t wholesalers, they’re business owners. They have created a systemized business, and have used wholesaling as the engine that rakes in the profits. It’s no different than any other business. There are mom and pop plumbing shops, then there are the plumbing companies that have 50 trucks and 200 employess doing multi million dollars per year.

The key to growth is to create systems that can be ran in your absence.

That’s good because I love delegating.