can this refrigerator be cleaned

Going to start cleaning up a house I just got it has a refrigerator that is full of food that has been off and closed for about 2 months its 3 years old think it can be cleaned .


Yes, it can be cleaned. The question is whether you want to clean it and whether the compressor will still run. You can buy a used refrigerator at a used-appliance store for $60-80.

When I have a refrigerator that is extremely nasty (like one I had that had the freezer area filled with a bloody goo filled with live maggots), I just wrap duct tape around the refrigerator and get another from the used-appliance store.


I’ve cleaned up a couple bad, bad, bad refrigerators that are still in use years later. First off simply throw out all the foodstuffs in the fridge. Second, unplug it and take it outside on a hand truck. Third, use a garden hose, toilet brush, and bucket of water with bleach and dishwashing detergent mixed in to give ti a good scrubbing inside and out. Pull out all the drawers and shelves and scrub away.

Let the unit dry for a week or so before plugging back in.


And don’t forget the mask. The smell will probably be very bad.

Another option is to hire somebody to do the cleaning (if you can’t deal with the nasty/smell).

I would do it only if it was a very nice refrigerator worth the trouble. As Mike said you can have a used one for anywhere between $50 and $100.

if it were a nice one I would clean it up.

Here I have to pay $150-$200 for a used refrigerator that doesn’t have rust and black mold.

To get rid of bad refrigerator smell in a clean frig, crumple up a bunch of newspapers and leave them in the refrigerator for a day or two. They will absorb the odor.