tell me anything but I can’t do it, A family member is willing to sell their investment property to me to reduce their monthly amount of bills they are willing to pay the $110,250 that will be outstanding after the sell at one of those rates list below once the short sell to me occurred. I will need at least $41,250 I will use $30,000 to fix it up right and offer a $15,000 fix-up allowances and/or maybe some closing too, who knows long as I can make $50,000 to $60,000 if I can sell it for $400,000-$500,000 this is good deal, (“yes”???)

  1. Will a bank approve a short sell under these conditions when the owner is willing to pay the difference between the short sell and loan balance.

  2. Is there a way I can get hardmoney financed to purchase and fix up then resale turn round time of 1 month or 30days after I close on the short sell.

In Ft. Washington Maryland where this property is located single family houses this size average 475,000+ BASED ON RECENT SOLD COMPS

Any advice would be greatly appreciated might have two buyers lined up

The lender wins no matter what, (“yes”???)

Short sell of Cedar

Pay Off $424,000

monthly payment with this balance $3700+/-

Short Sell Price $315,000

Amount outstanding out side the sell $110,240

monthly payment with this balance

at 9.000% payment is $1,118

at 11.00% payment is $1,253

at 13.00% payment is $1,394

Monthly savings after short sale

at 9.000% payment is $2,582

at 11.00% payment is $2,447

at 13.00% payment is $2,306

I’m not sure I understand. Is the owner of the property in default? If not, how can you do a short sale?

:cool I am confused if the owner is not behind in payments why would you think the bank would do anything like a short sale ??

THEY are getting there monthly payments correct???

Apparently I am understanding this like everyone else. The seller is not in default and you are wanting to present the bank with a short sale opportunity? Why would they want to do that?