Can this be done for a WDO Certificate

I had an inspector come to see some units I have a contract on. He said they appeared to be infested with termites (wasn’t sure if they were alive or dead).

I contacted a pest control guy. He came inspected and concluded definate live termite infestation.

I need a WDO certificate. I can not clear on loan without it.

Option 1: I was told to talk to owner, I pay for tent and get my certificate. Go on with life

Option 2: Get a certificate that stated clear but I had to tent within 6 months.

Option 3: Do not get clear WDO certificate. And wait for owner to pay for it.

I really like options 1 & 2, however, will I have a leg to stand on for option 1? Can’t they retract there decision to sell although I paid for the tent? What would keep them from doing that? Opinions on how to work this are appreciated.