Can this be done? Crippled by Tax Lien

Hi all,

I found this website after doing a google search on REO’s and tax liens. I am located in California.

My Situation
I had a federal tax lien filed against me last year. Im currently on a payment plan. I am intersted in flipping REO’s. Basically, I want to buy, rehab, and resell to an end buyer/owner occupant. I have a few interested cash partners willing to fund the deal and rehab, with the investment secured by a note and a deed of trust. I must have property under contract before securing financing from them.

I can not personally be on title because of my tax lien. Is there a way to form some type of entity where I can make an offer on REO’s and take title? LLC, Trust? Also, I need the entity to not be a problem when selling to the end buyer. I read on a few websites that some title companies will not insure properties held in a landtrust.


I have decided that it is in my best interest to just pay the tax lien before doing anything.

just for the viewers who may read this…it is a Federal IRS lien that has been placed against him, not a tax lien…

sorry to hear about your troubles with the IRS…

Before the IRS can levy on your property, they must first send you a Final Notice of Intent to Levy. This is your notice of that the IRS intends to start enforcement against you. After you receive the Final Notice of Intent to Levy, you have 30 days to file an appeal of the proposed IRS collection action. If you file the appeal, the IRS is prevented from taking action until your hearing is completed. The purpose of the hearing is to reach a resoluton to levy action before it occurs – offer in compromise, installment agreement, uncollectible.

sorry to say…but you are going through a tough time…all the best